Friday, July 5, 2019

Pilgrims of the Infinite CS Released

LIFE EDUCATION just had a new limited edition cassette (50) drop from Misophonia Recs of the UK!

Pilgrims of the Infinite is housed in an orange shell and features some Teutonic Krautrock. A few copies are left at the EM Tapes store.

Artwork by the excellent Selene Kit Shifter.

LIFE ED has a few more tapes coming out of the UK and EU later in 2019 and there's also a PRP solo release slated for this Fall out of the UK.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Ancient Machines CS Released

LIFE EDUCATION just had a new limited edition cassette (50) drop from Æscape Sounds of Austin, TX!

Ancient Machines is housed in a purple shell and features some heavy Krautrock / primitive electronics. A few copies are left at the EM Tapes store.

LIFE ED has more tapes coming out soon from the UK and EU. Keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Earth Assembly CS Released

LIFE EDUCATION just had a new limited edition cassette (50) drop from the Katuktu Collective of Oakland, CA!

New Earth Assembly is housed in an orange shell with original artwork by artist Cliff McReynolds and features some heavy Kraut kosmische mind meditations. A few copies are left at the EM Tapes store.

LIFE ED has a few more tapes coming out soon from a couple of Austin tape labels and a few EU plans brewing. Keep you posted/

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Library Sounds LP Released

Library Sounds has been released on deluxe blue vinyl LP by Castles in Space of the UK! Released in limited edition of 250 copies, the LP features an expanded twelve track download in addition to the eight tracks from the LP.

Originally released in 2017 on limited edition cassette by Os Tres Amigos out of Portugal; 50 hand-drawn and unique cassette covers were designed by Fernando Brito and the tape has long since been out of print.

A collection of ambient desert soundscapes, slow burn mind meditations and motorik cacophonies. The long awaited CiS018.

The album provides a soundtrack to lazy hazy afternoons falling asleep in a car during never ending cross country
road trips.

"There is a wonderful, woozy precision to the construction of these pieces, which are intended as sonic backgrounds for film, radio and television. But you might just be able to utilise them as a soundtrack for life." - Castles in Space

"Synthish, vibey music for you to enjoy in the background, but we reckon it more than warrants foreground listening too." Norman Records.

Housed in a beautiful sleeve by Bristol based designer, Graeme Swinton. 

The LP is available in North America from Ethereal Mother Tapes and is currently available from Norman Records (UK), Transmission Records( UK), and Clear Spot (NL) in the EU.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Starblaze & Psychic Yeoman

Two new LIFE EDUCATION albums have just released!

Dropping in limited edition audio CD in cardboard sleeve from MariOrb of Italy, Starblaze is a cosmic disco sonic adventure.

Released in limited edition cassette from \\NULL|ZØNE// of the US, Psychic Yeoman is a vapor-Kraut meditation, and both releases feature killer artwork.

Also, in other news, LIFE EDUCATION has a track on the killer new tape compilation Undulating Waters I from the new UK label Woodford Halse, check it out below and support a great label and artists!

Finally, keep an eye out for the Library Sounds LP from Castles in Space; it's expected to drop late Fall / early Winter 2018 in multiple possible editions on dark blue vinyl.

There's also a handful of tape releases expected out of Austin, TX and Portugal in the super late 2018 / early 2019 time zone continuum.....

Friday, June 29, 2018

New LIFE ED 10"

LIFE EDUCATION has just released Last Refuge, a super limited edition 10" lathe out of Greece from InFact Recordings!

This is a limited edition of 50 clear 10" records, each one includes a full bonus CD with 9 tracks, for over an hour of zonal jams.

Also, very exciting news is that Castles in Space will be releasing Library Sounds on LP later this Fall / Winter! Test pressings are in route but this one has been in the works for a very long time.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

EARTH TONES T-Shirt Sampler & New Tape

For the tenth EM Tapes release, we will be dropping EARTH TONES, a t-shirt sampler from LIFE EDUCATION! Pre-orders are being accepted and all include a FREE tape (details below)!

This officially releases on 4/22/18 aka EARTH DAY.

Made in limited edition of 25 green t-shirts; each edition includes a shirt, a download code of the album packaged with a recycled postcard, and a special 1990's throwback "Earth Button" created by Brittany Pärk.

Shirts are 50/50 polyester / cotton on Jerzees tee.

EARTH TONES is a sonic love letter to our wonderful planet; some songs are political (End of the Line, Cost of Doing Business, State of Disillusion), others are dystopian in their interpretations in the current  reality (No Time, Dead Earth Blues, Recycled Life). All songs were created for purposes of earth worship.

Partial proceeds from the album will be donated to the Colorado Tree Coalition.

Pre-orders will ship as close to Earth Day as possible but since a different LIFE EDUCATION cassette is also dropping around the same time, Beyond the Red Waste, I'll be including this new tape with all t-shirt orders!

Beyond the Red Waste is releasing on limited edition cassette (40) from Cruel Nature Records of the UK on pro-produced chrome and this is a good chance to get sweet bundle.

Celebrate Earth Day with EM Tapes by showing your support of local non-profits!