Thursday, April 21, 2022

2022 Galactic Mirage Sonic Omnibus

It's been a while since a proper update, EM Tapes has been busy the past few months with a couple different projects, namely a mammoth collection of far out New Age albums known as the "Galactic Mirage Sonic Omnibus." 

I've also kicked off my new side project Teeth Of Glass with a handful of new tapes out of the UK and Italy.

There will be plenty more throughout 2022, many LP's on the docket, but have to deal with the vinyl manufacturer slog...check out the most recent releases below.

Teeth Of Glass - Halloween Prom Massacre (Common Time, CS, US) - October 2021

Patrick R. Pärk - Sacred Winged Door (Submarine Broadcasting Company ,CS, UK) - December 2021


Teeth Of Glass - Crystal Fortress (Pseudocorp, CS, US) - December 2021


Patrick R. Pärk - Death Revelations (Virtua94, CD, US) - January 2022


Patrick R. Pärk - Galactic Mirage Tapes (In Fact, 3xCS, Greece) - February 2022


Black Tempel Pyrämid - Zugurramurdi (Flophouse,CS, US) - February 2022


Patrick R. Pärk - Sports Themes For Psychonauts (EM Tapes, 7" Lathe, US) - November 2021 /    High Mage, CS, US) - February 2022


Teeth Of Glass - Autopsia Edström (HDK, CS, Italy) - March 2022


Patrick R. Pärk - Extracted Penumbras (Dubcthonic, CS, UK) /  Hreám Recordings, CD, UK) - March 2022

Patrick R. Pärk - Galactic Mirage Discs (EM Tapes, 6xCD, US) - 4/20/2022                                   

Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Few New Things

There's been a few new BTP / PRP offerings over the Summer, streaming examples are below.

Also, details on a new PRP project Teeth Of Glass will be released next month in time for Halloween in addition to more info on the next physical Ethereal Mother Tapes release :)

Black Tempel Pyrämid - Center Of Infinity (Autumn Sounds, CS, US) - July 2021


Patrick R. Pärk - Rare-earth Experiments (Wormhole World, CD, UK) - August 2021


 Black Tempel Pyrämid - Infinite Tombs (Cruel Nature, CS, US) - August 2021


Black Tempel Pyrämid - Crystal Healing Stones (A Red Thread, Digital, US) - September 2021


 Patrick R. Pärk - Lilac Of  The Devouring Residue (High Mage, CS, US) - September 2021 


Thursday, July 8, 2021

Two New EM Tapes Releases

EM Tapes dropped two new companion releases over the US July holidaze festivities - Black Tempel Pyrämid's "Ancient Hymns & Incantations" on clear cassette (50) with gold slip sheet and "Teotihuacán" on limited edition CDR with an eco-sleeve and insert.

Influences on Ancient Hymns would be Oranssi Pazuzu / Electric Orange for a super heavy chrome companion whereas Teotihuacán features more GY!BE, Grails, and Fungal Abyss post apocalyptic / post-rock vibes on DIY CDR.


Basically the result is shimmering Kraut folk sludge stoner doom-ness that does some serious ear fuzz  conjurations...Ancient Hymns is by far the loudest EM Tapes release so far.
These albums are about worshiping the Ancient Alien civilizations of the past and tuning into their spirit soul channels via crushing sonic sound waves of the present and future.

The entire saga is a fever dream, cast out with head-nodding stoner-sludge-doom frequencies that slowly gives the ears a reprieve when briefly entering some weird psycho folk desert abyss.

Ultimately the fever returns, concluding with more soul crushing guitar and bass to actualize the encrypted primitive messages delivered from our alien overlords. 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Both are available in the EM Tapes store individually or as a bundle.                                            

Friday, May 28, 2021

Black Tempel Pyrämid Tapes 2xCS

Black Tempel Pyrämid just had a new 2xCS released by Weird Beard Records (UK) featuring over 2 hours of mammoth Krautrock and American primitive drones to flush the soul right.

Two tapes - the first one being "Mountain Meditations" and the second "Hermetic Visions". 

Download codes feature a bonus third digital album as well as two videos. 60 professionally duplicated clear tapes. 

Sold out. 


Monday, May 3, 2021

Pre-Orders Open For New Split Tape

Pre-orders just opened for EM Tapes first physical release in 5 years (marking our 10 year anniversary), this will be a split cassette between myself and Polypores of the UK!

50 professionally duplicated clear tapes with gold plating, includes download code with bonus track and video.

An hour of electronic, New-Age bliss-outs from Fort Collins, Colorado and Preston, UK - the A-Side is a dark, cerebral, Berlin School mind-maze that singes the soul strings; the B-side is a vibrant evolutionary ecosystem fueled by Polypores synth modular alchemy. 

Two opposite electronic worlds that oddly perfectly complement each other :)


Also Black Tempel Pyrämid just released another tape "The Hierophant" on limited edition cassette from the Submarine Broadcasting Company (UK).

Over 40 minutes of Krautrock-tree worshipping-introspections including a colossal monster finale.

30 gold tapes, includes download code with bonus track.

EU customers - please grab copies direct from SBC whereas NA folks - I have copies available at my Bandcamp.


Finally in other news, there's a Black Tempel Pyrämid 2xCS imminent and some Kösmonaut wax on the horizon (first material in over 3 years), some solo synthwave / Horror vinyl slated, and always more tapes on the way :)

Thanks for your tremendous support, EM Tapes surely wouldn't have existed for this long without it

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Black Tempel Pyrämid's "Prism of the Present" Tape Out Now

A new side-project of mine called Black Tempel Pyrämid just released it's first album "Prism of the Present" on limited edition cassette from The Weird Beard (UK) and digitally by EM Tapes.

COVID era meditations and levitations channeling American primitive Krautrock and blues.

Sold out at the source however there's a few copies at my Bandcamp.


Also, back in October for one of Bandcamp's free Fridays, EM Tapes reissued two PRP albums - Waves and Dystopian States of Amerika at name your own prices.

Both were released on CD and tape respectively back in 2017; the reissued albums are remastered and include 4 new bonus tracks. Grab them below.


Finally, EM Tapes will be releasing a split PRP tape in Spring 2021 and a new Kösmonaut LP is due to arrive some time next year.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

A Hole in the Soul Tape

A new PRP solo tape was released on 4/20/20 out of Greece called A Hole in the Soul.


Super limited edition of 40 tapes in recyclable cardboard released by KinetiK Records spin-off Spomenik Tapes!

Pinhas / Earthstar / New Age conjurations bastardized by deep space astral navigations.

All artist copies are sold out but Spomenik still has copies.

Also, I have one track on two different COVID-19 related benefit compilations.

The track is Birthing Center (available on A Hole in the Soul) and it's on the Castles in Space Isolation Tapes benefit comp as a digital download and Katuktu Collective's Isolate With II digital only compilation.

Be sure to grab them and support some great causes!