Saturday, August 20, 2016

Side-Project & New Stuff

LIFE EDUCATION is a new side-project of Kösmonaut featuring darker soundscapes augmented by occasional Kraut flare-ups and cosmic cacophonies. Please check out the project below, physical releases will be available eventually:

Also, there will be two new Kösmonaut cassettes dropping soon; Songs for Healing will be released by These Are Not Records and Cobra Force will be released by Lurker Bias, on ultra limited edition cassette. Stream Cobra Force below.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Healing Music

In late 2015, my daughter Sevigny was diagnosed with Leukemia. In an attempt at healing and understanding the madness of the situation, I turned to music. The result was two companion albums, Master Generator and Songs for Healing. Both of them are dedicated to Sevigny.

Master Generator was just released in a very special limited edition CD package out of the Bay Area by Time Released Sound. All of their profits will be donated to the local Denver non-profit charity, the Creston J. Walker Foundation, who helped us tremendously last year when we first found out about Sevi’s diagnosis.

Partial proceeds from my sales will also be donated to the foundation. The chrome companion of Master Generator was also just released by A Giant Fern out of Portugal, both physical items can be purchased directly from me here. Songs for Healing will be released on limited edition cassette this Fall on These Are Not Records.

Please note: I’m still waiting for my tapes to arrive from Portugal so there might be a slight delay in shipping.

Please check out the music below and support a good cause!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Preview New Album: Eagle Nebula

 Hello all! It's been a long time since an update to EM Tapes but nonetheless, here we go: Kösmonaut will be releasing a new full length album later this month called Eagle Nebula.

The release will be in coordination with Record Store Day on special edition cassette by KinetiK Records out of Greece! Limited edition of 100 cassettes.

The first 50 cassettes will come in a box with "Northern Spring" & "Stellar Spectrum" on a single-sided clear 7" single. These tracks are not included on the cassette, but are included on the digital album.

Preview the album below and pre-order! Album officially releases on April 16th. EM Tapes will only have a limited number of each the box set including the 7" and the cassette, so please email me at if you'd like to reserve a copy. Be on the lookout for more releases soon.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Future Machines LP Out Now

Kösmonaut's latest LP "Future Machines" is out now on These Are Not Records. This will be Kösmonaut's last album for a while. Limited-edition of 250 copies (100 on red / 150 black); copies will be available on Bandcamp soon and are already available directly from TANR. Includes download code for bonus unreleased EP. Preview album below.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kösmonaut II ORANGE LP Now Available

Kösmonaut's second Deep Distance LP ORANGE is now available! Housed in a wonderfully crafted debossed wrap-around jacket, in limited-edition of 300, ORANGE is Kösmonaut's epic follow-up to the 2011 Kösmonaut I (BLUE) LP. Copies are available through Experimedia (US), Piccadilly (UK), Rough Trade (UK), Phonica (UK), and Clear Spot (NL). Norman Records (UK) and Boomkat (UK) are both sold out, but Norman should be getting more copies soon. The LP is also available directly through the Kösmonaut Bandcamp shop. Please preview the entire album below, and also provided are two reviews courtesy of Norman Records and Boomkat.


"Shadowy Texan synthkraut practitioner Patrick “Kosmonaut” Park is back again after a busy couple of years of releases including the very first release on GPS’s cosmic Deep Distance offshoot. I snoozed and missed out on a copy of the first one and have kicked myself ever since, so it’s nice to see he’s done another. Tapes and CDs he’s done since that first LP have showcased a more laid back and droney side to his output but this one here is just as lively and eventful as the previous Deep Distance offering, replete with analogue pulses, drones, tinkles and shudders which glide intuitively along, displaying a clarity of vision and lightness of touch which is hard to imitate. He mixes elements of krautrock, techno and horror soundtracks for a beguiling and sometimes chaotic journey into the outer reaches of your consciousness, flooding your senses with Decimus-esque dread throbs and Jonas Munk-like repetitive synthplay. If you like driving, spaced out astral synth stuff like Roedelius, Kluster, Harmonia or the aforementioned Munk then this is sure to interest you. Very limited and a bargain price too!" - Norman Records

"Texan kosmische explorer Patrick R. Park returns to The Great Pop Supplement's Deep Distance subprint on board a black disc of twelve succinct tributes to the original synth music of Conrad Schnitzler, Edgar Froese, Ash Ra. Strong motorik rhythms set a trajectory to deep space, taking in shuttle-rattling polyrhythms, doomy widescreen majesty and panicky dissonance very much in the vein of Conrad Schnitzler's most detached and rugged productions, and sharing lots in common with modern day types such as Jonas Reinhardt or Expo 70 at his wildest." - Boomkat

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Currently, all EM Tapes releases are sold out. You can always check discogs or ebay, but all releases are officially out of press.

Got some amazing projects brewing; be on the look out for Kösmonaut's second Deep Distance LP ORANGE in the coming months, along with an EM Tapes compiliation. The next EM Tapes release won't be for a while, but it will be a collaboration between some close friends and myself.

Also, coming soon from Rubber City Noise is Kösmonaut's cassette PARAGON! Below you can stream the entire album! Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


SUNGOD's latest full-length "Crash Galactic" has been officially released as EMT006 on audio CD by EM Tapes! The limited edition (100) audio CD comes housed in an amaray DVD case, with a hand-numbered insert from the band. Artwork by dear friend, Justin Grove.

Pre-orders have already shipped and EM Tapes is completely sold out of the CD. It's still available from the following sources:

Aquarius Records (US)
Midheaven Mailorder (US)
Norman Records (UK)
Archipelago Rises (AU)
Clear Spot (NL)

Edited together from a year's worth of compositions and improvisations, Crash Galactic is 70-minute, near-continuous study in sequenced kraut forms, avant-garde sound design, transcendent blues, tenebrous ambiance, riffadelic drug rock, and supernal jazz.


"We've been meaning to review something from these Texan psychedelic space-kraut heavies for ages now, this one is as good a place to start as any, their latest, a super limited cd-r that finds Sungod traveling the astral plane, and offering up a pretty fair (and extremely varied) sampling of what these guys are capable of, their sound all over the map, but all held together by an underlying kosmische drift, the opener, is a hushed brooding slow build, that wreaths subtle low end shimmer, in clouds of swirling space-aged blips and bloops, total planetarium show trip out, until part way through, when the drums come in, transforming the sound into something much more dense and driving, but still plenty abstract. The second track is a lush expanse of harmonium like drones, pulsing beneath swirling FX and acoustic guitar Appalachia, haunting and meditative, before slipping into the next track, a swirling retro synth groove that would sit pretty perfectly alongside the current crop of retro futuristic synth wranglers. Krautrocky and cosmic!
The sound shifts dramatically after that, a sort of slow slithery acoustic blues, all slippery slide, laced with piano, and peppered with empty tin can percussion, which gives way to a heady slab of pulsating spaced out synthscapery, all droney, and Necks-like with skittery free jazz drumming, and delicate piano, under clouds of swirling synths, and from there on out, all bets are off, the band slipping easily from super distorted fuzzy kraut flecked garagerock groove, to super abstract collaged ambience, to blown out blissed out freeform noise, to heavy Hawkwind style spacerock freakout, to hazy, druggy musique concrete, to heavy cosmic synthdrone mesmer." - aQuarius

"Aha. Something cosmic for my ears. Nice! I never heard the cassette by these guys on Expo 70’s label that came out a while back but rest assured I wanted to. After a quick scan on the site I can see our Mike heard it and reviewed it! Well here’s a new CD that’s just landed courtesy of Patrick Park aka Kosmonaut on his Ethereal Mother Tapes imprint. As you’d expect it’s ludicrously limited to 100 copies and it comes in a DVD style case.
So on this CD you get 70 minutes of krauty kosmische-style dronings with some nice repeato kraut rhythms, some stonking psychedelic riffy rock, some jazz, some ambience, some blues and more than likely some other things I’m too lazy to think of/list. It’s a funny one as there are so many genres touched on here you’d think it wouldn’t work. The chuggy krauty rhythms of ‘Bounded Hessians’ go straight into a blues laden ‘There’s Hell In That Girl’ complete with tinkly sleigh bells and piano. The latter is a gorgeous piece of music by the way. And then before you know it there’s acoustic guitar and cosmic synth sounds. So if you’re into cosmic things then this would be an excellent thing to pick up." - Norman Records