Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kösmonaut II ORANGE LP Now Available

Kösmonaut's second Deep Distance LP ORANGE is now available! Housed in a wonderfully crafted debossed wrap-around jacket, in limited-edition of 300, ORANGE is Kösmonaut's epic follow-up to the 2011 Kösmonaut I (BLUE) LP. Copies are available through Experimedia (US), Piccadilly (UK), Rough Trade (UK), Phonica (UK), and Clear Spot (NL). Norman Records (UK) and Boomkat (UK) are both sold out, but Norman should be getting more copies soon. The LP is also available directly through the Kösmonaut Bandcamp shop. Please preview the entire album below, and also provided are two reviews courtesy of Norman Records and Boomkat.


"Shadowy Texan synthkraut practitioner Patrick “Kosmonaut” Park is back again after a busy couple of years of releases including the very first release on GPS’s cosmic Deep Distance offshoot. I snoozed and missed out on a copy of the first one and have kicked myself ever since, so it’s nice to see he’s done another. Tapes and CDs he’s done since that first LP have showcased a more laid back and droney side to his output but this one here is just as lively and eventful as the previous Deep Distance offering, replete with analogue pulses, drones, tinkles and shudders which glide intuitively along, displaying a clarity of vision and lightness of touch which is hard to imitate. He mixes elements of krautrock, techno and horror soundtracks for a beguiling and sometimes chaotic journey into the outer reaches of your consciousness, flooding your senses with Decimus-esque dread throbs and Jonas Munk-like repetitive synthplay. If you like driving, spaced out astral synth stuff like Roedelius, Kluster, Harmonia or the aforementioned Munk then this is sure to interest you. Very limited and a bargain price too!" - Norman Records

"Texan kosmische explorer Patrick R. Park returns to The Great Pop Supplement's Deep Distance subprint on board a black disc of twelve succinct tributes to the original synth music of Conrad Schnitzler, Edgar Froese, Ash Ra. Strong motorik rhythms set a trajectory to deep space, taking in shuttle-rattling polyrhythms, doomy widescreen majesty and panicky dissonance very much in the vein of Conrad Schnitzler's most detached and rugged productions, and sharing lots in common with modern day types such as Jonas Reinhardt or Expo 70 at his wildest." - Boomkat