Saturday, September 24, 2011

Emanations Digital Album & Voyage of Time Limited Edition CDR Now Available

The "Emanations" digital album and "Voyage of Time" CDR are now available for purchase from EM Tapes.


"Emanations" is currently only available in digital format from Bandcamp, however an official and limited edition cdr release is planned for Winter 2011. More news on that to come. "Emanations" is Kösmonaut's cerebral cosmic voyage utilizing Plotinus's theory of Emanationism as the primary narrative. A very different direction then previous Kösmonaut endeavors, "Emanations" is a barrage of bestial, hypnotic-space-hymns, with Plotinus' theory as a psychedelic template.

EMT003: Buy Emanations for $4 (DIGITAL ALBUM)


"Voyage of Time" is available both digitally and as a limited edition (15), hand-numbered cdr. Each and every cdr features two completely different cover sleeves on recycled cardboard. Above are just a couple of examples, more are available at Tumblr. To order or reserve a specific copy, please email me at: patrickrpark[at]gmail[dot]com. Make sure to describe the cover art, so I can reserve it/check availability. Only 15 were pressed with the unique cover art. Each hand-numbered cdr is $9 US. International orders please inquire for total.

EMT002: Buy Voyage of Time (digital album) for $4 or email for limited-edition, hand-numbered CDR.

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